Durban Bio Kinetics

The Elderly

Due to advancements in the medical industry, people are living longer. If older adults participate in regular exercise, they can be a lot more functional and flexible in their later years.

The process of ageing is complex. It involves many variables that include lifestyle, genetics and chronic conditions. All of these factors have an impact on how we age. Regular physical exercise can enable healthy ageing. Elderly individuals who exercise regularly find that they have a lot more physical functionality in their senior years, compared to those who live sedentary lives.


The Physically disabled

As biokineticists we focus on assisting individuals to increase their functionality, improving their ability to conduct activities in their daily life for improved quality of life. We focus on strengthening musculature & improving cardiovascular and repertory fitness. This helps people cope with their disability, allowing them to adapt to challenges they face in their everyday life.


Pre/Post-partum rehabilitation

Exercising whilst pregnant can be highly beneficial. It improves core muscles preparing the muscles used in labour. It eases back pain and other aches and pains brought about by pregnancy, improving your, increases your energy levels helping you sleep better, preventing weight gain and increasing stamina.


Post-partum exercise is imperative. Upper back pain is common after pregnancy due to bad posture from holding and feeding baby. Working on good posture will increase core strength eliminating unnecessary back pain. Pelvic floor exercises help strengthen control your bladder and bowl after pregnancy, strengthening your core and eliminating lower back pain.